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As low as 1.15%

Is your truck out of service? Need money for repairs? We can help.

Having a truck out of service can be very frustrating for a trucking company owner. The unit is sitting in the repair shop, instead of out on the road making money.

But repairs can be expensive. And if they happen at the wrong time of the month, before your freight bills/invoices pay, you may be stuck with a broken truck for some time.

If you need money to pay for repairs, we may be able to help you with our freight bill factoring program.

What can freight bill factoring do for you?

Instead of having to wait up to 30 days for your clients to pay, you can receive an advance on your invoices through the freight bill factoring program. This solution provides the money you need to operate your business, pay repair bills, and, most importantly, put those trucks back on the road – where they belong.

This program can work for carriers with creditworthy shippers and commercial clients.

Rates run as low as 1.15%. Advances run as high as 97% for qualifying customers.

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How does a freight bill factoring transaction work?

Freight bill factoring is quick to set up and simple to use. And once the program is set up, it provides you with constant and predictable cash flow. Here is how a transaction works:

  1. You deliver the freight load to your customer.
  2. You submit the freight bill for financing (this process varies).
  3. We advance you funds – usually the same day.
  4. You get to use the funds as you wish. We wait to get paid by the customer.
  5. Once your client pays us, the transactions is settled.


Our average rates range from 1.15% to 3.5% per month. These rates are determined by the creditworthiness of your customers and your freight bill volume. Usually, higher volumes are factored at lower rates.

Setup time

Most factoring plans can be set up in less than a week, but they vary based on your specific company details. Generally speaking, the faster you provide us with the information we need, the faster we can get the program started.

Want to learn more?

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