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Business Financing Articles

We have compiled a large selection of articles to help you understand how our products work. Each library contains articles on a given subject and is detailed enough to give you a good understanding of how our solutions work. This resource will help you make an informed decision about whether we offer the right solutions for your business.


  • Factoring Financing Resources: This library contains articles about invoice factoring. Learn the basic qualification requirements for the program, the costs, and how transactions are structured. These articles are general in nature and apply to implementations in most industries.
  • Transportation Financing Resources: This library contains articles that explain how factoring works in the transportation industry specifically. Learn how factoring can be used to finance freight carriers and brokers, how transactions are structured, and how much they cost.
  • PO Funding Resources: This library contains information about purchase order financing and how it works. It also explains how this product can be used by resellers, wholesalers, and importers that need funds to pay suppliers.
  • Medical Factoring Resources: This library contains articles that explain how invoice financing can be used by medical providers who are billing third-party medical insurance companies. Articles in this section also explain the differences between conventional factoring and medical factoring.
  • Business Financing Resources: This library contains general articles about how to finance a small business using alternative solutions that are not always offered by banks.

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