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Articles – Factoring Finance

Are you looking for a factoring financing solution? Do you want to learn how it works, how it’s used, how transactions are structured, and how much the service costs?

This library offers many articles with detailed explanations on how the program works and will help you determine if financing your invoices is the right solution for your business.

Learn about factoring:

  1. What is factoring?
  2. Invoice factoring requirements
  3. Benefits of invoice factoring
  4. What is accounts receivable factoring?

Additional resources:

  1. A little-known way to get working capital
  2. Export factoring: International trade financing
  3. Construction factoring – an alternative for subcontractors
  4. How a factoring loan can help your business grow
  5. How to finance your growing business
  6. Factoring application tips
  7. Frequently asked questions


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