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Purchase Order Funding Articles

Do you have a large order – one that exceed your current financial capabilities – and need funding? This section has article that show you how purchase order financing works. You will learn how this tool can help you, how to qualify for it, how transactions are structured and how much it costs.

  • Using PO financing to fulfill large orders – Did your company just get a large order? Do you need financing to pay your supplier. Learn how purchase order financing works and determine if it’s the right solution for you.
  • Purchase order financing benefits – Are you considering a purchase order finance solution? Learn about the benefits of this program and determine if it’s right for your company.
  • Financing for resellers and distributors – Do you own a resale, distribution or trading company? Do have have large import orders that need financing? Learn how purchase order finance can help you cover your supplier expenses and fulfill large orders.
  • Financing your imports from China and Asia – Is your company importing goods from China or other countries in Asia? Learn how you can use purchase order funding to cover your supplier expenses and fulfill large orders.

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