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Canadian companies benefiting from Freight Bill Factoring

Press Release, June 4th, 2007

(PRLEAP.COM) Toronto, Ontario – Canadian freight brokers and trucking company owners will no longer have to wait up 60 days to get their freight bills paid, thanks to Commercial Capital’s freight financing program. The program, available in Canada, provides transportation companies with substantial freight bill advances, alleviating cash flow problems.

Transportation companies are cash flow intensive by nature. Drivers, fuel and repairs must be paid for – constantly. Few trucking companies have the necessary cash reserves to wait the usual 30-60 days customers take to pay for their services. Freight factoring provides trucking companies and brokers with a quick pay on their freight bills, allowing them to meet expenses and grow their businesses.

“Invoice factoring is a great solution for the transportation industry” said Marco Terry, Managing Director of Commercial Capital LLC. “It eliminates most payment worries, allowing owners to focus on running and expanding their companies, ” added Terry.

Factoring is easy to obtain and does not have the onerous requirements of conventional banking products. The biggest requirement for qualification is to have customers that pay their freight bills reliably. This makes it an ideal solution for new and growing companies that have a strong roster of customers but little capital.  Freight factoring is a great solution for companies whose main challenge is that they cannot afford to wait 60 (or more) days to get paid.

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