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Purchase order financing helping wholesalers and importers in Canada

Press Release, June 8th, 2007

(PRLEAP.COM) Toronto, Ontario – Most Canadian wholesalers and importers have constant demands on their working capital. They have substantial up front supplier costs but customarily wait up to 60 days to get paid by their clients. Because of this, it’s not unusual for companies to run out of working capital during the month, forcing them to turn away sales until some invoices are paid. Almost always, this prevents the business from developing to its full potential.

Commercial Capital’s purchase order financing program provides resellers and importers with the necessary funds to pay suppliers, enabling them to make more sales and deliver larger orders. The program is simple to use. We handle supplier payments (by letter of credit usually), enabling them to deliver their goods. This allows the client to make the sale using a small amount (if any) of their own funds. After 60 days, the transaction is settled when the end customer pays their invoice for the goods.

“Purchase order finance is an ideal solution for companies that resell goods to major corporate customers,” said Marco Terry, president of Commercial Capital LLC. “It provides business owners with the necessary financing to grow their businesses, ” added Terry.

The purchase order finance program can help you if your company buys finished goods from third parties and resells them to creditworthy commercial customers. However, purchase order finance cannot be used in transactions where the client manufacturing goods themselves.

Purchase order finance is more flexible that conventional bank financing and is easier to obtain, making it an ideal solution for new and growing companies. Qualifying for purchase order funding is a straight forward process and be done in a couple of weeks.

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