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Non-Notification Factoring Financing

Are you working with commercial clients who are paying their invoices in 30 to 90 days? This delay often creates cash flow problems for mid-sized companies who are growing quickly and don’t have adequate cash reserves. These cash flow problems affect your ability to operate the business and grow.

Our confidential factoring program helps you solve this problem by providing the funds you need to operate the business and grow.

We offer factoring plans with high advances and competitive rates. This specialized program remains confidential to your customers, who do not receive regular factoring notifications. For more information and to see if you qualify, get an instant quote or call us toll-free at (877) 300 3258.


The most important benefit of our program is that your cash flow improves – noticeably and quickly. Your cash flow becomes more predictable and manageable. Other advantages include:

  • The line remains confidential and is not directly disclosed to your customers
  • The program can be deployed quickly
  • The facility is flexible and grows with your sales
  • You can offer payments terms and sign on new clients with confidence

How does confidential factoring work?

Our factoring programs can be easily implemented by most companies. Invoices are usually financed in two instalments: the advance and the rebate. Transactions work as follows:

  • You submit an invoice or batch of invoices for financing
  • We advance about 80% of the invoice and wire the funds to your account
  • Your customer pays on their usual schedule, in 30 to 90 days
  • We rebate the remaining 20%, less fees

Differences with conventional factoring

The main difference between a conventional invoice factoring program and a non-notification program is that your customers are not directly notified of the relationship. In a confidential program:

  • Your company receives client payments and deposits them to a blocked account
  • Your company goes through a short field exam every quarter

Low rates

Factoring rates are based on the size of the facility, the creditworthiness of your clients, your industry, and general risk. Rates range from 1.5% to 2.5%. We can offer lower rates for larger lines.

For more information, submit an instant quote request or call us toll-free at (877) 300 3258.

High advances

We offer high advances to qualified clients. Advances are based on industry, volume, and risk. Companies in transportation and staffing can usually qualify for initial advances as high as 90%. Advances for other industries range from 80% to 85%.

Does your company qualify?

Non-notification factoring is available to mid-sized companies that:

  • Need a line with a minimum of $300,000 in utilized funds
  • Have customers with good commercial credit
  • Have moderate to strong financial statements (exceptions can be made)
  • Have strong internal invoicing and collections

If your company does not meet these criteria, consider a conventional invoice factoring line.

Stepping stone to other products

When used correctly, a confidential factoring line can be used as a stepping stone to other products. Companies can eventually transition to other solutions, such as asset based lending facilities or bank financing.

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