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Freight Factoring Helping Transportation Companies Grow

(PRLEAP.COM) Miami, Florida – Trucking companies and freight brokers can rely on freight bill factoring to eliminate the worry of waiting up to 60 days to get their freight bills paid. With freight bill factoring they can get paid within days.

“Freight factoring is a great solution for the transportation industry,” said Marco Terry, president of Commercial Capital LLC. “It eliminates payment uncertainties and provides truckers and freight brokers with the necessary funds to pay fuel, drivers, and other expenses,” added Terry.

Freight bill factoring offers a very simple proposition. The factoring company buys the slow-paying freight bills and provides immediate cash to its trucking client. The trucker or freight broker, in turn, gets money right away while the factoring company waits to get paid. This solution eliminates the slow payment cycle and provides the necessary funding to operate the business.

However, freight bill factoring is not for everyone. Freight brokers and trucking company operators should consider freight bill factoring as a solution only if their main challenge is not being able to wait until their freight bills are paid. Freight bill factoring allows owners to get the business financing they need, while avoiding banks and their tough business loan requirements altogether. Typically, businesses can have a freight bill factoring arrangement in place in as little as three business days.

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