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Florida: Factoring and Purchase Order Financing

Are you looking for invoice factoring and purchase order financing in Florida? We are a leading provider and can help companies that have cash flow problems because their customers are taking up to 60 days to pay an invoice. Commercial Capital LLC is based in Miami-Dade and is also local to Ft. Lauderdale/Broward and Palm Beach counties. However, we service clients across the entire state.

Our programs are available to startup and to established companies and provide an ideal alternative to conventional business loans.

Select a business financing product:

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

This program helps corporations that give their clients net payment terms of up to 60 days but need funds sooner to cover operating expenses.

PO Funding

PO Funding

This program helps resellers and wholesalers that need funding to pay suppliers so that they can deliver on a confirmed purchase order.

Medical Factoring Financing

Medical Factoring Financing

This solution helps medical offices, doctors, hospitals, and diagnostic centers that wait up to 90 days to get their claims paid.

Transportation Factoring

Transportation Factoring

This program helps trucking carriers and freight brokers that work with shippers who don't offer quick-pays. The program allows them to finance their freight bills.

Construction Factoring

Construction Factoring

This program helps subcontractors that can't wait 60 days to get paid by GCs or commercial clients. This program supports progress billing.

Small Company Factoring

Small Company Factoring

We can offer financing to small companies and self-employed individuals whose monthly revenues are less than $10,000.

What is factoring financing?

Factoring financing is a financial solution that helps companies who must extend net payment terms to clients but need the money sooner to cover their own operating expenses. The program finances your accounts receivable due from creditworthy commercial customers, providing you with funds quickly. The main collateral for the transaction is the creditworthiness of your clients, which makes factoring an ideal solution for small companies whose biggest assets are solid customers.


The most important benefit of working with a factoring financing company is that you get quick funding for your invoices. In turn, this accelerated payment improves your cash flow and provides a solid financial base for stability – positioning your company for sales growth. Additionally, factoring is:

  • Easy to qualify for and is available to small companies
  • Quick to deploy: the line can be used in days
  • Flexible, as the line grows with your company

How does a factoring transaction work?

Most receivables factoring companies structure transactions using two installment payments for your open invoices. The first installment – the advance – covers about 85% of the gross value of the invoice. The second installment – the rebate – covers the remaining 15% (less funding costs).

What is purchase order financing?

Purchase order (PO) financing is a program that we can offer in combination with our invoice factoring solutions. PO financing helps clients that sell finished products (as product resellers or importers) and need funds to pay their US or foreign suppliers. The program can be used only for confirmed purchase orders from creditworthy commercial customers. The main benefit of using this plan is that it allows you to take on large orders – even those that exceed your current capitalization.

Can you qualify?

Our plans are available to companies in Florida that:

  • Have ongoing commercial or government sales
  • Have clients with solid credit
  • Don’t have liens against their receivables
  • Don’t have tax problems (or have a tax plan)

Industries and location

Florida has a well-diversified business base, with a concentration of small businesses. The predominant industries in the state are trade, transportation, business services, and construction. These industries can benefit from our financing solutions. However, we can work with companies of any industry as long as they work with creditworthy commercial clients.

Although we are located in Miami-Dade county, we can work with companies in cities across the state including Boca Raton, Orlando, Tampa, and St. Petersburg.

Local address

If you would like to meet with us, our address is 701 Brickell Ave, Suite 1550, Miami.

Additional information

We would like you to make an informed decision about working with us. We have a number of articles in our comprehensive financing resource center. You can also find additional resources and articles in our financing blog.

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