Improve Cash Flow

How to Collect Invoices and Avoid Overdue Accounts

The invoicing and collections process is one of the most important jobs at any company. Growing companies have to be good at getting paid for their products/services. Timely payments provide you with the cash flow to pay wages, suppliers and other important expenses. Collecting unpaid invoices doesn’t have to take a long time or be tedious. With […]

How to Offer Early Payment Discounts

A common problem for many small and mid-sized companies is having to offer customers the option to pay an invoice in 30 – 60 days. Unfortunately, you have to offer net-30 day payment terms to clients if you want to remain competitive. If you don’t offer terms, your clients could choose to work with a competitor who is willing to […]

Should you Offer Net 30-Day Trading Terms to Clients?

For many small and mid-sized companies, offering net 30-day payment terms to customers creates a financial challenge. Many companies can’t afford to wait 30 to 60 days from the date of invoicing to get paid. They need funds to pay for their immediate business expenses. Slow payments are not the only problem of providing credit terms. Offering […]