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Progress Claim Financing

Companies that invoice customers on a progress basis usually raise an invoice once a contract milestone has been completed. However, most clients don’t pay their invoices immediately. Instead, they pay 30 to 60 days after receiving the invoice.

Slow payments can create cash flow problems for subcontractors who need funds to pay suppliers, wages and other business expenses. You can improve your cash flow by using progress claim financing.

The solution allows you finance claims for completed contract stages. Instead of waiting weeks to get paid, you get funds quickly. This financing provides your company with the working capital it needs to pay expenses and grow.

Commercial Capital is a leading provider of progress claim financing in Australia and can provide you with a competitive quote. For information, fill out this form.

How does progress claim financing work?

Progress claim financing is a type of debtor finance and is similar to invoice factoring. It allows you to finance invoices to commercial clients who pay claims in 30 to 60 days. The programme finances invoices in two payments.

The first payment covers up to 70% of the total value of the claim. It is deposited to your bank account once you have raised the invoice with your customer. The transaction settles once the head contractor or end employer pays the invoice in full on their usual schedule. At the time, the debtor finance company advances the second payment. The second payment consists of the remaining 30% that was not initially advanced, less the service fee.

Most companies that use progress claim financing do so on an ongoing basis. This approach provides them with predictable cash flow, which enables them to run the business more effectively.


Using a progress claim facility has a number of advantages over other alternatives, such as commercial overdrafts. The most important benefits include:

  1. Your cash flow improves quickly
  2. The facility can grow and adapt to your company’s needs
  3. There is no real estate security required
  4. The facility is easier to get than conventional financing

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We are a leading provider of progress claim financing and can provide you with a competitive proposal. For more information, fill out the enquiry form.

Easier to get than bank financing

Qualifying for progress claim financing is easier than qualifying for most business loans or lines of credit. To qualify, you must:

  • Work as a subcontractor for commercial end employers or principal contractors
  • Operate under the Security of Payments Act
  • Work for companies that have good commercial credit
  • Meet the financier’s underwriting criteria

Is it the right solution for your company?

A progress claim financing programme can help your company improve its cash flow if:

  • Your customers pay in 30 to 60 days
  • Slow payments are causing cash flow problems

Financing progress claims is a great alternative for companies that need to improve their working capital but cannot qualify for conventional bank financing.

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