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Progress Claim Financing

Progress claim financing is a specialised type of debtor finance designed to help construction subcontractors. It bridges the financial gap between raising a progress claim and receiving a payment from the client.

Commercial Capital LLC is a leading provider of progress claim financing. We have over a decade of experience financing construction subcontractors in Australia. Our progress claim financing facilities have simple qualification requirements and can be deployed quickly.

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Note: If your company is a construction subcontractor but does not raise progress claims, consider invoice factoring instead.

Do you work on 30 to 60-day trading terms?

Construction subcontractors often give head contractors and other business clients 30 to 60 days to pay an invoice. Trading on 30-day terms is common and expected by your clients. However, it can also be challenging.

Subcontractors have several expenses that must be paid regularly. Expenses include wages, entitlements, suppliers, etc. These expenses are usually paid out of their cash reserves.

Using your cash reserves works well as long as they are sufficient to cover expenses until your invoices get paid. Otherwise, you will encounter cash flow problems. These problems can grow if not addressed promptly.

Progress claim financing helps companies with cash flow problems due to slow-paying progress claims. It finances your invoices, which improves your cash flow and provides the funds to cover business expenses.

How does progress claim financing work?

Progress claims or invoices are financed in two instalments. The first instalment is deposited into your account after you submit the invoice to the debtor financing company.

The size of this instalment is based on a percentage of the invoice, less any retained funds. It goes from 60% – 80%, based on the transaction details.

The remaining funds are deposited as a second instalment once the customer pays the invoice on their usual trading terms. Transaction fees are typically deducted from the instalments and vary based on the transaction’s profile.

Clear benefits

Progress claim financing offers several benefits for subcontractors. These include the following:

  1. Improves cash flow
  2. Offer 30-day trading terms
  3. Can be deployed quickly
  4. Fewer covenants than other options
  5. Simpler qualification requirements

Simple qualification

Qualifying for invoice factoring is simpler than obtaining other solutions of comparable size. The most important requirements include:

  1. Must be a subcontractor
  2. Operate under the Security of Payment Act
  3. Have financeable contracts
  4. ABN or ACN
  5. Creditworthy customers
  6. Offer 30 to 60-day trading terms
  7. Invoice after work is completed
  8. Unencumbered invoices

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Special considerations

The debtor financing company must review all contracts to ensure their corresponding progress claims can be financed. Please keep the following in mind:

1. Liquidated damages

Most debtor financing companies will not finance a contract with a liquidated damages clause. This is due to the higher transaction risk.

2. Lump sum contracts

Most debtor financing companies will not finance invoices raised under a contract with a lump sum payment clause. This is due to the higher incidence of complications and general transaction risk.

3. Unfavourable clauses

Contracts are also reviewed for unfavourable clauses that could affect the transaction. Examples include non-assignment and offset clauses.

Is progress claim financing right for you?

A progress claim financing facility can help your company improve its cash flow if your company has:

  1. Cash flow problems due to slow-paying invoices
  2. Reasonable profit margins
  3. Qualifying contracts/transactions

Keep in mind that progress claim financing won’t be much help if your cash flow problems are due to other issues, such as low profitability.

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