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Debtor Finance Services – Melbourne

Are your clients paying their invoices in 30 to 90 days? Slow-paying clients can create cash flow problems for small and growing businesses. Most businesses can’t afford to wait and need to get paid sooner so they can pay their own operating expenses.

Debtor finance can improve your cash flow. Our programmes can finance up to 85% of what is owed to you by your customers. This solution provides your company with the funds it needs to pay its operating expenses and to expand.

Commercial Capital LLC is a leading provider of debtor finance in Melbourne and offers its programmes across Victoria. We can provide flexible plans at competitive terms. To get more information or an instant quote, submit an online enquiry.

Product options:

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

This solution helps small companies in all industries that cannot afford to wait up to 90 days to get paid by their commercial customers.

Manufacturing Finance

Manufacturing Finance

This product helps construction subcontractors operating under the Security of Payments Act who need to finance progress claims.

Labour Hire and Recruitment

Labour Hire and Recruitment

This solution helps labour hire and recruitment agencies that need funds to cover the expenses of paying staff.

Progress Claim Finance

Progress Claim Finance

This product helps construction subcontractors operating under the Security of Payments Act who need to finance progress claims.

What is debtor finance?

In Australia, debtor finance is an umbrella term referring to two solutions: factoring and invoice discounting. Both solutions finance your slow-paying invoices to improve your cash flow. However, factoring and invoice discounting have some important differences.

Factoring is often used by small and growing companies that need credit management and control services in addition to funding. Invoice discounting, on the other hand, is a funding-only solution that is used by larger companies that have a well-defined credit function.

Both solutions advance up to 85% of the value of your invoice, as long as it is payable by a creditworthy commercial client. Transactions settle once your client pays on their regular schedule. You can learn more by reading “How Does Debtor Finance Work?

Advantages of our programmes

There are a number of advantages to working with debtor finance companies. The most important one is that your cash flow improves, often very quickly. Other advantages include:

  • Allows you to extend net-30 to net-60 payment terms to clients
  • Flexibility – the line can grow with your business
  • No real estate security required
  • Easier qualification than alternatives
  • Helps minimize your bad debt

Learn more about the benefits of debtor finance.

Easier to obtain

Getting a debtor finance solution is often easier and simpler than getting other types of financing. The most important requirement to qualify is that your clients must have good commercial credit. Their credit is important since your invoices are the collateral for the transaction. Additionally, your company must be well organized and operated.

Is factoring or invoice discounting right for your company?

Working with a debtor finance company could be the right choice for your company if your business:

  1. Has cash flow problems due to clients paying invoices in 30 to 60 days
  2. Has reasonable profit margins

If your business meets these criteria, using factoring or invoice discounting should benefit you.


Debtor finance works can well with companies in the most common industries in Victoria, including business services, technology, construction, defence and engineering. However, factoring and invoice discounting can work in most industries as long as invoices are payable by creditworthy business customers.

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Service areas:

Commercial Capital can work with companies in the major metro areas of VIC, including:

  • Melbourne
  • Geelong
  • Ballarat
  • Bendigo