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Client Benefits and Results

Commercial Capital’s programmes help you stabilize your cash flow. This stability allows you to run your business smoothly and provides a platform for future business growth.

Some of the benefits that our clients enjoy include:

  • Quick funding. One of the greatest benefits of using debtor financing and invoice factoring is that most transactions can be funded quickly. This speed is critical for businesses that need funds immediately.
  • Extend 30 to 60 day terms with confidence. Our programme allows you to extend 30 – 60 day payment terms to your commercial customers without worrying about your cash flow.
  • Flexible line that grows with your business. The financing facility is designed to be flexible and will grow with your sales. This flexibility is important for companies undergoing rapid expansion.
  • Pay suppliers on time. Factoring and debtor financing can provide you with funding to pay your suppliers on time – improving your standing with suppliers and allowing you to negotiate better terms.
  • Fewer worries about paying wages. Paying your employees is critical to the success of your business. Debtor financing can provide the funds to pay your employees.
  • Minimize bad-debt issues. Our programme provides a thorough analysis of the credit history and payment habits of your prospects and existing customers. Our programmes can also provide you with valuable customer information before you take a customer as a prospect – ensuring that you take only those clients who will pay – and pay on time.
  • Pay rent and taxes. Accelerated cash flow from financing invoices provides you with funds to cover rent, taxes, and other expenses.

List of products

We offer the following debtor financing products:

  1. Invoice factoring (All industries)
  2. Labour hire and recruitment 
  3. Transportation
  4. Manufacturing


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