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Why work with us?

Commercial Capital LLC has over 20 years of experience providing financing solutions to small companies. We operate as an intermediary and have one of the longest industry track records. We have:

  1. Helped fund over 900 small businesses
  2. Over two decades of experience
  3. Worked with most industries
  4. Experience with complex transactions
  5. The ability to move quickly
  6. Short-term solutions

Are we right for you? Take us for a test drive!

You should always evaluate your prospective factoring partner before signing on as a client. However, even the most thorough evaluation may not show everything you need to know.

The most reliable way to evaluate a factoring company is to take them for a ‘test drive.’ Many of our factoring plans in the USA have short term options. You can use them for a short time to determine if we are right for you.

Note: Some exceptions apply. Short-term options may not be available for complex transactions that require substantial underwriting. Please ask your credit manager.

Who is our typical client?

We work with companies that sell products or services to business clients or government agencies. Most of our clients are small to midsized businesses facing some of the following challenges.

1. Offering net-30 terms creates problems

Many companies encounter cash flow problems when they offer net-30 payment terms to their clients. This situation happens when their cash reserves can’t cover their operating expenses before their clients pay.

2. Cash flow problems due to growth

Companies may also encounter cash flow problems when they grow too quickly. This situation affects companies regardless of size when sales growth exceeds their cash reserves.

3. Need funds to fulfill large purchase orders

Winning a large purchase order is great if your company has the resources to fulfill it. Otherwise, it can strain your cash flow and deplete your cash reserves. We offer solutions that help with supplier payments, enabling you to fulfill larger orders.

4. Turning around a troubled company

We can also help troubled companies with cash flow problems that are in the process of being turned around. The type of solution you use depends on the specific challenges you face.

Our products

Commercial Capital offers the following four products:

1. Invoice factoring
2. Sales ledger financing
3. Purchase order financing
4. Supplier financing

Our invoice factoring program has specialized industry products for transportation, construction, and healthcare.

Broad Industry Experience

We have helped over 900 companies in the following industries:

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