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About Commercial Capital LLC

Commercial Capital LLC is a leading finance company, offering solutions in the US, Canada and Australia. We provide flexible financing for startups, small, and mid-sized companies in many industries.

Why should you work with us?

You should work with us because we have over a decade of experience. We have been in business since 2003 and have helped over 700 clients. Commercial Capital offers three products: invoice factoring, supplier financing and purchase order financing. We have worked with:

Our plans are very competitive and we don’t shy away from difficult opportunities. But, above all, we strive to be as straightforward as possible. We will let you know if we are – or aren’t – the right solution for you.

Learn more about our typical clients and the results they get from working with us. To learn more about our solutions, visit our main product page.

Executive Management

Marco Terry – Managing Director

Marco Terry is the Managing Director of Commercial Capital LLC. You can connect with him through LinkedIn.

Mr. Terry started his factoring career in 2001, when he founded QLFS, which eventually became the Invoice Factoring Group. Mr. Terry led the firm through its initial growth and established it as a leading provider to small companies in the New England region.

After QLFS, Mr. Terry launched Commercial Capital LLC to provide services in the USACanada and Australia. Under his leadership, Commercial Capital LLC has expanded to offer a number of business finance products and can help companies in most industries. The company recently expanded its offerings and now also offers business acquisition financing through a sister entity (more information here).

Commercial Capital LLC is one of the few companies that also offers micro-factoring (also called small-ticket factoring). which helps early-stage companies with limited revenues. Small business factoring has been ignored by larger factoring firms and banks, establishing Mr. Terry as a pioneer in this market.

Before starting his career in finance, Mr. Terry held several management positions in operations and marketing in the telecommunications industry for eight years. He earned a Master’s Degree in Finance with a concentration in banking.