Distributors and Resellers

Factoring Financing for Chemical Supply Companies

For many growing chemical supply companies, cash flow can be a problem. Most managers are often caught in a tug-of-war between revenues and expenses. Managing the finances of your chemical supply company can be demanding, especially when companies have low profit margins and run very lean operations. Money flows out quickly Unless your company has a […]

Financing For Industrial Supply Distributors

Like most distribution companies and resellers, industrial product supply companies are often managed with very tight cash flows because of lower profit margins in a competitive environment, short vendor payment cycles, and extended client credit terms. Clients demand credit terms Industrial sales are often done on credit terms, allowing clients to pay an invoice after […]

How to Finance a Growing Distribution Company

Summary: Growing product distributors and wholesalers often have to manage difficult cash flows. They must balance their order flow and supplier expenses while working with clients who pay invoices in 30 days. This situation can lead to cash flow problems. This article discusses how distributors can improve cash flow and finance growing orders. We go […]

Receivables Financing For Automotive Supply Companies

Most automotive supply companies operate on relatively thin margins and tight cash flows. In this competitive industry, suppliers give every incentive possible to win their client’s business. One of those incentives, offering payment terms, often causes financial problems. Most auto manufacturing companies and their supply chain providers demand payment terms as a condition of doing business. This condition allows […]