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How To Finance an Auto Repair Shop

Managing cash flow can be a challenge for some auto and truck repair shops. Cash flow problems usually affect repair and body shops who work with commercial accounts or who get paid by insurance companies. Often, corporate and insurance clients demand 30- to 60-day terms to pay an invoice. However, many repair shops can’t afford to wait for the […]

Financing for Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Companies

Providing janitorial services to commercial, institutional, and industrial clients has many advantages. These clients require regular services and their contracts can be very profitable. However, working with commercial clients has one challenge: most pay their invoices in 30 to 60 days. Waiting up to 60 days to get paid can be a problem for most janitorial and commercial cleaning […]

How to Finance an Office Cleaning Business

Starting an office cleaning business is relatively easy and inexpensive. The cost of supplies is fairly small and most entrepreneurs do the work themselves, at least initially. However, running and growing an office cleaning company is a different story. There is a lot of competition out there, so you must constantly sell your services. Also, […]

Financing a Promotional Products Company

Most promotional products companies are operated by small business owners, many of whom are self-employed individuals. Whereas larger companies may have several employees to handle orders and vendor coordination, most companies have fewer than five employees. Furthermore, transactions usually follow a simple format: the promotional products company takes an order from a client and then contacts a vendor, or […]

Invoice Factoring For Call Centers

Operating a call center can be challenging and very expensive. Your company needs to carefully manage all costs such as telecommunications, infrastructure, and personnel. Personnel expenses can be particularly challenging, as hiring and training customer service representatives (CSRs) is costly and can be an ongoing problem due to churn (turnover). However, all of these expenses […]

How To Finance A Linen Rental and Service Company

Linen rental and service companies that work with hotels and restaurants are usually very familiar with the industry practice of offering customers up to 45 days to pay an invoice. While this practice is common, it’s not easy for linen rental and service companies to offer terms and operate effectively at the same time. Unless […]

Factoring Financing For Waste Disposal Companies

Small waste disposal companies usually have to offer commercial credit terms to their medical, corporate, industrial, or municipal clients. It’s common to give clients up to eight weeks to pay an invoice for services such as corporate waste management, medical waste management, sharp object and hazardous material disposal, and document destruction. The problem is that many small […]

Invoice Factoring For Office Supply Companies

Most growing office supply companies face working capital problems at some point. These cash flow problems arise because you have to pay suppliers relatively quickly, whereas your customers usually pay invoices in 30 to 60 days. This delay often means that the office supply company uses cash reserves to meet expenses while waiting for customer payments. As […]

Invoice Factoring For Auto Glass Installers

Most auto glass installers are small or medium-sized companies who spend most of their day repairing auto glass and then billing insurance companies or insurance claim intermediaries (e.g., Lynx Services or SGC Network) for the work. Although the industry is profitable, it is highly competitive. Many auto glass installers operate on very tight cash flows. Glass suppliers and […]