How to Get Clients for Your Nurse Staffing Agency (6 Ways)

Finding and retaining the right clients is one of the greatest challenges of running a new temporary nursing staffing agency. The marketplace for temporary nursing services is very competitive. This article discusses proven ways to help you find clients. It’s intended for new and growing nursing staffing agencies. We cover the following: Who is your […]

Using Factoring to Finance a Home Health Care Agency

Managing cash flow is one of the most important tasks of running a home health care agency, second only to providing good care to your patients. However, cash flow is often unpredictable and hard to manage. This difficulty can lead to financial problems. The greatest expense for most home care agencies is staffing costs. It’s also […]

Using Medical Factoring to Finance a Hospital

Managing cash flow is usually a challenge for small and midsize hospitals. One of their main sources of revenue are claim payments from medical insurance companies, who often pay slowly. Depending on the negotiated terms, claims can take from 30 to 180 days to pay. Slow payments have an obvious and negative impact on cash flow. On the other hand, most […]

Financing a Hospital with Cash Flow Problems

Due to the dynamics of the healthcare industry, hospitals can encounter cash flow problems from time to time. Hospitals are under pressure to reduce costs and work with insurance companies that pay slowly. This delay affects their revenues and cash flow. On the other hand, hospitals face constant pressure to meet their financial obligations. They have numerous expenses – such […]

Medical Receivables Factoring Benefits

Factoring has gained popularity as a solution that provides financing for medical practices, diagnostic centers, and other types of healthcare businesses. This article includes some of the most important advantages of working with medical factoring companies to improve your cash flow. 1. Improves your cash flow The most important benefit of using medical receivables factoring is that your cash […]

Financing a Nursing Home with Medical Factoring

Running a successful nursing home can be challenging. Managers and owners have many demands calling for their constant and immediate attention. One the most persistent and important demands is cash flow. Cash flow demands must be handled correctly to avoid serious problems that could, ultimately, compromise care. Slow payments are a problem A common source of […]

Financing a Pharmacy with Medical Factoring

Most independent pharmacies operate in a challenging, competitive environment. On one hand, they face strong competition from large pharmacies and discount chains. On the other hand, they face payment pressures from insurance companies that want to reduce the value of each claim, and pay it slower. Often, this pressure leads to cash flow problems since few […]

Doctor Loans vs. Medical Factoring

One of the advantages of being a medical doctor is that you usually have financial options. If your medical practice runs into cash flow problems, you can choose from a number of solutions such as medical factoring, doctor loans, conventional loans, or an SBA loan. The option you choose depends on the type of problem, […]

Factoring to Finance a Medical Imaging Center (and Improve Cash Flow)

Operating a medical imaging and diagnostic facility can be very capital intensive. A number of expenses, such as lease payments on diagnostic equipment and office space, need to be paid regularly. Diagnostic centers also have high employee costs for office personnel, nurses, and medical staff. These combined expenses place a heavy – and constant – demand on your operating […]

How Can Medical Providers Solve Cash Flow Problems?

The medical industry has experienced a period of unprecedented growth. Companies that provide medical services, such as doctor’s offices, diagnostic centers, and durable medical equipment providers have served a higher number of patients in recent years. Unfortunately, the amount of money that private and government insurers pay for insurance claims has actually been decreasing. And, […]