Staffing Agencies

How To Start and Grow a Staffing Agency

When managed correctly, temporary staffing agencies can grow quickly and be very profitable. They represent a great opportunity for the right individual (or group). However, agencies have a lot of moving parts. They need owners/managers that have expertise in many areas. The basics: How does a staffing agency make money? Temporary staffing agencies lease employees […]

Payroll Funding For Staffing Companies

Making payroll is the most important task for any growing staffing agency. You can retain high quality talent only if you offer good salaries and pay on time. Obviously, missing payroll would put your business in jeopardy. Therefore, it should never be an option. But payroll can be a weekly challenge But making payroll remains a serious […]

Financing a Temporary Staffing Company

Running a temporary staffing company can be very profitable. The current business environment favors outsourcing employees, rather than hiring them. This environment creates an attractive opportunity for staffing agencies. However, operating a staffing agency requires working capital. This requirement is a problem for most agencies, who often don’t have enough capital. It prevents you from running […]

Financing For Legal Services Staffing Companies

Operating a growing legal services staffing company can be challenging, especially if you are not well capitalized and are growing quickly. It’s not unusual for expenses to exceed revenues, creating cash flow problems. This problem is serious because a cash flow shortage could impact your ability to make payroll — your biggest and most important expense. At […]

Invoice Factoring For Hospitality Staffing Companies

While most hospitality staffing agencies can be very profitable, they often operate on very tight cash flows — especially small and growing companies whose expenses can sometimes exceed their revenues. This cash flow problem can jeopardize a company’s ability to grow or even stay in business. Net-30 payment terms Most cash flow problems originate with how hotel, restaurant, […]