Factoring Financing For Technology Consulting Firms

Technology consulting firms are often started by individuals with deep knowledge in their field and a track record of corporate work. They usually start as self-employed professionals. However, if the business succeeds, they often add staff to help grow the company. Before long, the company has employees and needs to manage payroll. Payroll is the […]

Financing For Management Consulting Companies

Most management consulting companies are started by individuals with long track records of success in the corporate world prior to heading towards self-employment and business ownership. Usually, management consultants start as self-employed. As the business grows and they add employees to manage their growing company, the financial aspects of running a management consulting company become complicated. As […]

Invoice Factoring For Consulting Companies

A consulting company’s payroll expense can be larger – and more important – than all of its other expenses (e.g., rent, telephone, and equipment) combined. However, meeting payroll can be a challenge for consulting company owners because most consulting companies (such as technology consulting firms) are started by knowledgeable, highly skilled individuals who don’t always have a […]