Business Financing For Information Technology Companies

Finding the right financing can be difficult for IT companies because the business has become so competitive and commoditized. However, an information technology company needs to be well funded to succeed in the marketplace. This predicament creates a catch-22 for company founders and entrepreneurs who need funding in order to grow the company to its potential […]

Invoice Factoring For Software Development Companies

The biggest expense for most software companies is payroll. Technology equipment is cheap compared to the salaries of software engineers who design, develop, test, and deploy the software. Few entrepreneurs plan for this expense when they start their companies. However, payroll expenses can often trigger cash flow problems for technology companies. Unlike supplier payments, whose timing […]

Business Financing For Technology Companies

For many technology entrepreneurs, managing cash flow can be very difficult, especially if the company is new and does not have a lot of funding. On the expense side, you need to pay vendors and contractors regularly. Some may offer flexibility and let you pay in net-30 to net-60 terms, but most demand quick payment. You also […]

How to Finance an IT Company Without Using Venture Capital

The information technology (IT) industry is extremely competitive, with a number of small and medium-sized firms aggressively competing for customer contracts. Because of the heavy competition, only the smartest and toughest survive in this industry. An IT company and its finances need to be managed carefully to succeed. Many companies fail at this point. IT companies are usually started by technology-savvy people […]