Security Agencies

How to Find Clients for a Security Guard Agency (9 Ways)

One of the key skills you need to build a security guard company is knowing how to find clients. This market is highly competitive, and guard services are always in demand. You must know how to reach clients effectively to succeed in this industry. This article covers nine ways to find clients for your security […]

Financing For Private Investigation Companies

One of the main challenges for private investigation firms is dealing with commercial and insurance clients that pay invoices in 30 to 60 days. Few private detective agencies can wait that long for payment,¬†as most firms don’t have sizable financial reserves and need the money sooner to pay their own salaries,¬†employees, and vendors. However, corporate […]

Financing a Security Guard Company with Invoice Factoring

Security guard companies can be very profitable to operate since they tend to grow quickly when managed correctly. Furthermore, security guard companies often have high profit margins, which makes them an attractive business. While a fast-growing business is rewarding, it often brings significant financial demands to its owners. It is not unusual for agencies to […]