Financing For Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Managing the cash flow of a small chemical manufacturing company can be complicated. Unless the company has financial reserves, it probably needs financing to operate effectively. For most chemical manufacturing companies, working capital problems arise because of the difference between how expenses are managed and how revenues are received. A common cash flow problem Chemical manufacturing […]

Factoring Financing For Manufacturing Businesses

Most manufacturing companies eventually need business financing to grow. It’s just the nature of this working-capital-intensive business. For example, most manufacturers have regular expenses, such as raw material suppliers, equipment leases, rent, and staffing costs. These expenses add up quickly. However, the revenues to cover these expenses often flow in slowly because most commercial, industrial, and government clients […]

Invoice Factoring for Tool and Die Companies

Most tool and die businesses – making jigs, fixtures, dies, or other components – have a common cash flow problem. They have immediate expenses, such as raw materials and components, equipment suppliers, machine repairs, and staffing costs, that tend to add up quickly. On the other hand, most revenues flow in slowly because corporate clients demand payment […]

How to Finance a Pallet Manufacturing and Distribution Company

Running a pallet manufacturing and distribution company can be challenging. You have to manage the logistics of your supply and vendor chain while tracking your customer orders – all while keeping an eye on your cash flow to make sure you can keep the business running. Managing cash flow can be tricky, especially for companies without big capital reserves. […]

How to Finance a Machining and Metal Working Company

As a machine shop owner, you experience the constant tug-of-war between expenses and revenues. On one hand, suppliers demand prompt payments, employees need to be paid every week or two weeks, and you have other expenses piling on. On the other hand, industrial and commercial customers usually pay invoices in net-30 to net-70 days. Unless you […]