Production Financing for Manufacturing Companies

Managing cash flow is always a challenge for manufacturing company owners. Company managers always walk a fine line trying to balance income and expenses. Paying suppliers, covering overhead, running production, and building inventory all place immediate financial demands on your company. Meanwhile, your clients demand longer payment terms. These conflicting demands affect your cash flow […]

Manufacturing Loans: Six Realistic Financing Options

Summary: Manufacturing companies are usually resource-intensive businesses. They require substantial financing to get started, operate, and expand. This creates an ongoing financial need that burdens many small manufacturing companies. This article covers six financing alternatives to finance different aspects of your manufacturing business. We cover the following: Overview General purpose financing Finance cash flow Finance […]

Financing For Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Managing the cash flow of a small chemical manufacturing company can be complicated. Unless the company has financial reserves, it probably needs financing to operate effectively. For most chemical manufacturing companies, working capital problems arise because of the difference between how expenses are managed and how revenues are received. A common cash flow problem Chemical manufacturing […]

How to Finance a Pallet Manufacturing and Distribution Company

Running a pallet manufacturing and distribution company can be challenging. You have to manage the logistics of your supply and vendor chain while tracking your customer orders – all while keeping an eye on your cash flow to make sure you can keep the business running. Managing cash flow can be tricky, especially for companies without big capital reserves. […]

How to Finance a Machining and Metalworking Company

Summary: Most industrial and commercial clients pay invoices on net-30 terms. However, offering net 30 terms can create cash flow problems for machining companies that aren’t well capitalized. This article shows how you can solve this problem by improving operations and financing your invoices. We cover the following: Are you offering payment terms? Simple ways […]