Oil & Gas

Financing a Fluid-Hauling and Saltwater Disposal Company with Factoring

Every barrel of oil generates several barrels of produced water (i.e., brine) and flowback. These liquids are environmentally dangerous due to their high concentration of salt, organic compounds, and chemicals. Consequently, they must be disposed of properly. There is a large demand to haul and dispose of production fluids from wells. Companies in this segment […]

Invoice Financing for Oilfield Service Companies

The oil and gas industry is known for being somewhat unpredictable. Demand for products and services can change quickly with little if any notice. Actually, sudden increases or increases in supply and demand are not uncommon. These drastic changes create financial hardships for small oilfield service companies. This article discusses three strategies to help improve […]

Factoring for Oilfield Transportation Companies

Oilfield transportation companies handle some of the most difficult loads in the transportation industry: heavy haul, oversized, chemicals, and specialized fluids. Additionally, companies often provide storage facilities as part of the services. The complexity of their services makes oilfield transportation companies difficult to operate. Managing the company’s cash flow can be as challenging as the […]

Factoring Financing For Companies in The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. Many individuals with industry experience have capitalized on this opportunity by starting small companies in related industries, such as oilfield transportation, fluid hauling and saltwater disposal, and others. However, managing and growing a business in the oilfield services industry is not easy. While many […]