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Client Benefits and Results

Our financing programs are designed to help businesses stabilize their cash flow, building a platform for growth. These are some of the benefits/results that our clients enjoy when using our programs:

  • Grow your business. Our programs provide a financial platform for business growth – putting you in a better position to increase sales while meeting business expenses.
  • Get payment for your invoices within 48 hours. Invoices from approved customers are usually funded within 48 hours, providing you with the cash needed to meet business expenses. You no longer need to chase customers constantly for payment or worry about when they will pay.
  • Pay your suppliers on time. Both factoring and purchase order financing programs can provide you with funding or guarantees to pay your suppliers on time – increasing your standing with suppliers and helping you negotiate better terms.
  • Fewer worries about meeting payroll. Paying your employees is critical to the success of your business. Factoring can provide the funds to cover payroll.
  • Pay rent and taxes. Accelerated cash flow from factoring provides you with funds to cover rent, taxes, and other expenses.
  • Fewer worries about collections. Having to call customers to track payments can be a draining chore for business owners and their staff. Where appropriate, professional staff will take on invoice follow-up and tracking tasks, while you focus on growing your business.
  • Better-paying customers. Our program provides a thorough analysis of the credit history and payment habits of your prospects and existing customers. Our programs can also provide you with valuable customer information before you take a customer as a prospect – ensuring that you only take clients that you know will pay – and pay on time.

List of products

We offer the following products:

  1. Invoice factoring
  2. Small business factoring (20K and under)
  3. Freight bill factoring
  4. Medical factoring
  5. Construction factoring
  6. Oilfield services factoring
  7. Purchase order financing
  8. Supply chain financing
  9. Asset based financing


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