Financing for Ontario Government Vendors

The province of Ontario purchases approximately six billion dollars of products and services every year from over 55,000 vendors. Many of these companies are small and medium-sized businesses. Doing business with the government of Ontario can be a great opportunity for small and growing companies. It is a large and diverse marketplace where government agencies, ministries and municipalities purchase […]

Selecting a Factoring Company in Quebec

Factoring financing has been gaining popularity in Quebec as a way to finance companies that need to improve their cash flow. However, Quebec is a special market when it comes to factoring, since it uses a set of laws that is slightly different from those of other provinces. As a result, you must select your provider […]

Business Financing For Small Companies in Toronto

As one of the entrepreneurial engines of Canada, Toronto hosts a growing number of small companies. One of the main challenges that small companies face is finding the right source of financing to help support their growth. And, as many small business owners can attest, finding business financing is difficult. Cash flow is key Actually, […]

How To Evaluate Factoring Companies in Ontario

Financing invoices is an increasingly popular way to finance a business in Ontario. Unlike most types of bank financing, invoice financing lines are relatively easy to get and offer great flexibility. The problem, however, is that with so many companies offering the service, how do you evaluate which provider is best for your business? This article gives you some […]

Ontario Business Financing

The province of Ontario is an economic engine in Canada, with substantial concentrations of businesses in transportation, automotive manufacturing, technology, and other sectors. Most of these companies have one thing in common: they will need business financing at some point if they want to grow. However, finding business financing can be difficult. Most banks and lending […]

Freight Factoring Financing for Quebec Transportation Companies

The transportation industry in Quebec is diverse and bustling with small and mid-sized carriers and brokers. Most of these companies handle the transportation needs for large corporate shippers and customers. While working with large clients has a number of advantages, large clients can also create financial problems for trucking companies they work with. Slow payments cause cash flow issues […]

Invoice Factoring in Toronto

As a business centre, Toronto has always been a hub for business growth and new business creation. It has a heavy concentration of companies in high-growth sectors like transportation, manufacturing, and technology. A number of these companies are growing quickly and, because of that, need business financing. The challenge Most businesses seeking financing often look for […]