Financing Sales to Big Box Retailers

Becoming a distributor for a large big box retailer – companies such as Walmart, Loblaws, or Rona– can be both a important opportunity and a major challenge at the same time. Most big retailers can place large purchase contracts, which are great for revenues. However, they also negotiate payment terms that enable them to pay your invoices […]

Financing your Imports from China and Asia

Resellers and distributors often have to play a very delicate game of balancing their cash flow. This can even be more challenging if you are buying goods from factories in China, or anywhere in Asia for that matter. On one hand, the Chinese factories will want you to pay for the goods in a secure […]

Financing for Resellers and Distributors

For many resellers, distributors and importers, managing cash flow is a very important but delicate task. Unless you have a long established relationship with your supplier, they will likely ask you to prepay for goods – or pay upon shipment. On the other hand, your commercial clients will often demand to pay your invoices in […]

Purchase Order Financing Benefits

In recent years, purchase order financing has been gaining traction in the marketplace as a funding solution for distributors and resellers that need money to pay their suppliers. It solves a common problem – what to do when you have run out of working capital but still have purchase order to fulfil. This type of […]

Using PO Financing to Fulfill Large Orders

For a small business, getting a large order from a coveted client can provide an important opportunity to grow the company. If you manage the order correctly, your client is very likely to become a repeat customer. And a large order is almost always a stepping stone to even larger orders. However, if you get […]

How to Grow a New Trucking Company

While the transportation industry can be very profitable, running and growing a trucking company can be very challenging. Not only do you need to know the transportation business very well, you also need to be an expert at juggling and prioritizing the constant business demands. From managing drivers to managing loads, the tasks are never […]

Financing for Carriers and Brokers

The transportation market in Canada is very competitive. Shippers have a number of competing alternatives to chose from. This allows them to pay rock bottom prices for shipping a freight load, and enables them to dictate their payment terms. Some shippers may pay your invoices quickly, if you give them a discount. But many shippers refuse […]

Financing for Freight Brokers in Canada

While it’s financially rewarding, running a successful freight brokerage can be very challenging. One of the biggest financial issues comes from that fact that you need to pay your expenses quickly, but your revenues flow in slowly. To be effective in this business, you will need to pay carriers and drivers very quickly. The best […]

How to Finance your Trucking Company

The Canadian transportation industry has been a source of growth for many years. The industry has provided numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start their own companies. A lot of this business activity has been focused in areas like Quebec, Ontario and near the oil sands, where oilfield transportation companies are flourishing. Small companies run into financial […]

What is Freight Bill Factoring?

Transportation companies can be difficult to run because they are financially demanding. To succeed in the industry you need to be able to juggle the constant battle between revenues and expenses. Expenses can be constant, as you need to pay your drivers, fuel and repairs on a regular basis. If you work with shippers who […]