Staffing Agencies

Payroll Financing for Your Staffing Agency

Making payroll is the most important responsibility for a staffing agency owner. It’s also the largest recurring expense and most challenging responsibility for company owners. Unfortunately, staffing companies can run into cash flow shortfalls because they are growing quickly or lack a cash reserve. This article discusses how payroll financing can help staffing companies that […]

How to Finance a Technology Staffing Company

Most staffing companies are launched by entrepreneurs that have a vision but little start-up capital. The companies operate on tight cash flows for their first few years as they grow the client roster. However, growing a company with a tight cash flow is challenging and carries significant risks. All it takes are a couple of […]

How To Finance a Consulting Firm

Consulting companies tend to have high payroll expenses. Obviously, experts in fields common to consulting, such as software, marketing, finance, operations, and technology, command high salaries. And paying your employees on time is critical if you want to remain in the business. However, most consulting companies are launched with very little capital and have few assets. More importantly, they […]

Why do Staffing Agencies get Higher Factoring Advances than Other Industries?

Most factoring companies advertise advances ranging from 70% to 90%, depending on the industry of the client. This variation can sometimes baffle clients – why is industry so important? For example, a manufacturing company with solid clients will likely get an advance of 80% to 85%. On the other hand, a staffing agency with similar […]