Oil and Gas

How to Finance an Oilfield Services Company

One of the advantages of working for the oil and gas industry is that most customers have excellent commercial credit and are very good payers. This advantage, coupled with strong demand, has created an ideal situation for companies in the oilfield services industry. Companies in service industries such as oilfield transportation, pipeline construction and maintenance, and others have […]

How to Finance an Oilfield Transportation Company

The past few years have been prosperous for the oil and gas industry in Canada. The industry has grown substantially, which, in turn, has helped the Canadian oilfield transportation services sector. Most oilfield fluid transportation and salt water disposal companies have seen substantial increases in demand and in their revenues. While this trend is good, […]

How to Finance an Oil and Gas Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Company

The oil and gas industry has been booming in recent years, creating important opportunities for entrepreneurs who start companies that specialize in oilfield services. Companies that specialize in pipeline construction and maintenance have reaped the rewards of this increase, especially those located in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and in most areas in the Canadian oil patch. However, many companies […]