Oil and Gas

How to Finance an Oilfield Services Company

Managing the cash flow of an oilfield services company can be a demanding task. The oil and gas industry is dynamic, with periods of fast growth usually followed by sharp slowdowns. In this operating environment, small and midsize companies can face cash flow problems when their growth gets ahead of their financial capabilities. This article […]

How to Finance an Oilfield Transportation Company

Invoice factoring is a popular solution used by oilfield transportation companies with working capital issues due to slow-paying invoices. This article discusses how factoring works and helps you determine if it’s the right solution for your company. We cover: Slow cash flow is a problem Ask clients to pay sooner? Invoice factoring financing Advantages and […]

Finance an Oil & Gas Pipeline Construction and Maintenance Company

Managing the cash flow of an oil and gas pipeline construction and maintenance company is challenging. Managers at the company often face complex operations and demanding cash flows. Consequently, the company risks financial problems if its finances are not managed correctly. This article discusses companies’ most common cash flow problems and provides two possible solutions. […]