Supplier Financing

Supplier Cost Financing for Manufacturing Companies

It’s impossible to grow a company if you cannot pay suppliers on time. Many manufacturing companies face this problem when they experience a growth phase. The reason is often simple. As your purchase orders from clients grow, so do your orders to your material/product suppliers. However, if growth exceeds the amount of credit that your […]

Do You Qualify for Supplier Financing?

Supplier financing is a form of trade credit financing available to manufacturing companies and distributors (learn more). Your company must meet the following requirements to qualify for this solution. 1. Be a manufacturer or product supplier Supplier financing is available only to manufacturing companies and distributors. The solution helps finance the costs of purchasing goods […]

What is Supplier Financing?

Supplier financing is a type of supply chain financing that is designed for manufacturers and distributors. It helps them cover supplier expenses, enabling them to fulfill large orders and build inventory. Supplier financing vs. supply chain financing The terms “supplier financing” and “supply chain financing” are often used interchangeably.  Unfortunately, this is not entirely accurate. […]