9 Free Load boards – Canada and Transborder

The best way to grow a trucking business is to get direct shippers. However, load boards have a place in helping you build a business. They are a useful way to get started and get moving. And they can be a good resource to fill up empty legs. Here is a list of free load boards […]

Best Trucking Forums In Canada

One of the best resources for new and growing trucking companies are online trucking forums. Most of these forums have seasoned truckers that participate in daily discussions and are willing to help fellow drivers. If you are interested in becoming a successful owner operator, you should consider participating in these forums. The best trucking forums are: […]

How to Find Loads for Truckers in Canada

Finding profitable truck loads is the most important thing that an owner-operator can do to be successful. Without shippers, you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that. However, this area is the one where most owner-operators and small fleet operators fail. And without clients, they go out of business. (Note: Commercial Capital LLC doesn’t provide […]

Owner-Operator Financing in Canada

Becoming an owner-operator can be a rewarding move, professionally and financially. However, as a business owner, you have additional responsibilities. You are responsible for getting equipment and for running operations. These responsibilities can be expensive. Unless you have enough capital, you will need financing to get your new trucking business rolling. Financing your truck Getting […]

What is a Load Board for Truckers?

A load board is a website that matches freight shippers (and brokers) with carriers. Shippers and brokers post loads that need hauling. Likewise, owner-operators and fleets can post their available capacity. Load boards allow shippers and carriers to find each other and enter commercial agreements to move the freight. Most freight load boards work in […]

How to Use a Loadboard to Grow Your Trucking Business

In recent years, trucking load boards have been gaining popularity with Canadian carriers and shippers. Load boards offer a simple solution for shippers who need freight moved and for carriers with available capacity. In fact, many owner operators rely solely on load boards as a way to grow their business. Perhaps this strategy sounds easy because you […]

Truck Repair Financing Using Freight Bill Factoring

One of the main challenges for a transportation company, especially a small one, is dealing with truck breakdowns. Breakdowns can happen unexpectedly and not only throw off your load delivery schedule, but they can also impact your finances – especially if the repair cost is high. This problem can wreak havoc on owner operators and […]

Advantages of Factoring Freight Bills

Freight bill financing has been gaining popularity as a way to finance a growing transportation carrier or freight brokerage because many shippers and clients are paying their freight bills more slowly – taking as long as two months to pay. Most small carriers and owner-operators are not financially prepared to handle this payment delay. This […]

How Financing Can Help Make a Successful Trucking Company

You must consider a number of things if you want to operate a successful trucking company. Most new transportation companies grow by seeking as many loads as possible. However, finding loads is only one piece of the puzzle. Running your trucks and delivering loads are just as important and are often more complex. To do all of this […]

What to Do if Your Shippers Don’t Offer Quick-Pays

Most freight transportation contracts allow customers to pay invoices in up to 60 days. Waiting weeks (or months) for a payment can be difficult, especially for small carriers and brokers without the financial resources to wait a long time. Fortunately, a number of shippers offer quick-pays to their carriers and brokers. As its name implies, a […]