Advantages of Factoring Freight Bills

Freight bill financing has been gaining popularity as a way to finance growing trucking carriers. Factoring helps trucking carriers improve their cash flow by enabling them to finance invoices that take 30 days or longer to pay. This article helps you understand the most important benefits of freight bill factoring. To learn more, read “What […]

Make a Successful Trucking Company Using Financing

Starting and growing a trucking company in Canada can be very profitable when done correctly. Unfortunately, many new truckers get into problems because they don’t use the right strategy to launch their business. This situation usually leads to expensive mistakes. In this article, we discuss some important points that owner-operators must consider if they want […]

Quick Pay Alternatives for Trucking Companies

Most owner-operators and small freight carriers prefer to work with shippers that offer quick pays. Unfortunately, many shippers and brokers don’t offer them. This situation creates a problem for truckers looking to grow their companies but can’t afford to wait 30 days or more for a shipper to pay them. This article shows you how […]

Freight Factoring Financing for Québec Transportation Companies

Factoring is a financing solution commonly used by carriers and brokers that need financing. It helps improve the company’s cash flow by financing slow-paying invoices. The solution provides the company with funds to operate the business more effectively. This article explains how factoring works and addresses some specific details about the due diligence for carriers […]

Financing a Small Transportation Carrier with Freight Factoring

Most small carriers are owned by drivers who learned the industry, become owner-operators and eventually grew their fleets. They run lean operations with limited resources, and every dollar is valuable. Owner-operators and small companies are often unprepared to handle the financial difficulties of growing a fleet. This article discusses how small trucking carriers in Canada […]

How to Finance an Oilfield Transportation Company

Invoice factoring is a popular solution used by oilfield transportation companies with working capital issues due to slow-paying invoices. This article discusses how factoring works and helps you determine if it’s the right solution for your company. We cover: Slow cash flow is a problem Ask clients to pay sooner? Invoice factoring financing Advantages and […]