Financing a Small Transportation Carrier With Freight Factoring

Finding financing has always been challenging for small trucking companies and owner operators. Most small carriers are owned by drivers who earned their stripes the hard way – through hard work and experience. And now, they are putting that experience to good use trying to build a business. The problem is that most owner operators don’t have […]

Financing For Freight Forwarding Companies

As a freight forwarder, you have the primary task of handling the complex shipping and warehousing needs of your clients. You need to work with transportation companies that are reliable, warehousing companies that provide good services, and other vendors that enable you to provide proper supply chain management functions. Most of your vendors, especially trucking companies, require […]

Factoring for Canadian Delivery Service Companies

Most delivery companies that work with commercial clients have to offer customers the option to pay invoices in 30 to 60 days. This practice – often referred to as “trade credit” – is demanded by most clients in their contracts. As a result, your revenues are often delayed, compared to expenses, by a month or […]