9 Free Load boards – Canada and Transborder

The best way to grow a trucking business is to get direct shippers. However, load boards have a place in helping you build a business. They are a useful way to get started and get moving. And they can be a good resource to fill up empty legs.

Here is a list of free load boards that provide freight loads for owner-operators based in Canada (or want to pull loads to/from Canada). These boards provide a combination of Canadian and transborder loads.

The boards are:

  1. FreightFinder
  2. Landstar
  3. ATS Brokered Loads
  4. JB Hunt
  5. Forest Commodities Boards
  6. Online Freight Services
  7. uShip
  8. DirectFreight
  9. LoadSurfer (Free Trial)

Although Load Link is not free, owner-operator consensus seems to be that they have the most widely available selection of Canadian loads.

Load boards equal small profits

Keep in mind that by using a load board you are giving the majority of the profits to the broker that posted the load. They are likely keeping 15% to 20% for themselves. Furthermore, there is a lot of competition for loads that go through popular lanes. Ultimately, you get paid very little.

Some brokers pay slowly

Another problem of working with load board-based brokers is that some of them pay their invoices slowly. It is not unusual to wait 30 to 60 days to get paid. This delay can create problems for owner-operators who need money for fuel and other expenses.

A way to solve this problem is to factor your freight bills. Factoring provides a cash advance against slow-paying invoices. Initial advances can range from 90% to 95% and are paid as soon as the load is successfully delivered. You get the remaining 5% to 10%, less a small fee, once the shipper/broker pays the invoice in full.

Need factoring?

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