Best Trucking Forums In Canada

One of the best resources for new and growing trucking companies are online trucking forums. Most forums have seasoned truckers that participate in daily conversations and are willing to help fellow drivers. If you are interested in becoming a successful owner-operator, consider participating in these forums. They can provide advice on how to start, find loads, or grow your trucking company. There are only a couple that focus only on Canadian owner-operators. Most work with both USA and Canada-based operators.

Canadian forums:

  1. Canadian drivers trucking forum
  2. Truckstop Quebec (in French)
  3. Truckers Report
  4. TruckDriver

Forums with Canadian and American truckers

  1. RoadTruckers
  2. Class A Drivers
  3. Trucker’s Truth
  4. Expediter’s Online
  5. Trucking Boards

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