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Does your company need financing? Need funds to meet payroll, pay your suppliers, buy inventory or deliver a large purchase order? Our solutions can provide the working capital to meet current expenses and develop new opportunities.

We offer factoring, asset-based lending and purchase order financing. These solutions help small and midsize companies finance existing assets in order to improve their cash flow and grow the business.

We are a leading trade finance company and have offices in Ontario. We offer our solutions to companies in all provinces. For a quote, fill out this form or call us toll-free at (877) 300 3258.

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Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

Provides an advance on your slow-paying invoices from creditworthy customers. Works in most industries including business services, manufacturing, consulting, and oilfield services.

Freight Factoring

Freight Factoring

Specialized program for transportation carriers and freight brokers. The program provides an advance on slow-paying freight bills.

Supplier Financing

Supplier Financing

Specialized program that helps manufacturing companies and distributors that need to buy materials to build inventory or fulfill orders.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Specialized program for distributors, wholesalers and resellers. Helps your company fulfill large purchase orders by helping with supplier expenses.

How does factoring work?

One of the major challenges for a business owner is having to wait up to 60 days to get paid by clients. Invoice discounting provides your company an advance on your invoices. This advance provides you with working capital that you can use to pay business expenses and finance new sales. The transaction is then settled once your client pays the invoice.

How does supplier financing work?

Supplier financing allows small and midsize companies to buy more products from suppliers. Manufacturers and distributors use this solution to fulfill large orders and build inventory. Unlike factoring and PO financing, this solution is invisible to your customers. Transactions settle in 120 days or less.

How does purchase order financing work?

Purchase order (PO) financing provides you with funding to pay suppliers for your purchase orders. PO financing is a supplier financing alternative that enables you to process large orders with confidence that your suppliers will be paid on time. As with factoring, the transaction is settled once your client pays for the goods.

Program benefits

Our program provides the following benefits:

  • Advance payment – no need to wait for invoices to get paid
  • Flexible financing – financing that grows with your sales
  • Easy to obtain – most businesses can qualify

We offer invoice factoring/discounting in all Canadian provinces, including: