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Manitoba: Factoring Services

Need working capital for your company? Is your cash flow suffering because your customers are taking up to 60 days to pay an invoice? Our factoring program can finance your slow-paying invoices and provide you with the working capital you need. We work with companies that:

  • Sell products or services to other companies
  • Can’t wait up to 60 days to get their invoices paid
  • Need funds to pay employees or suppliers
  • Need money quickly

We are a leading factoring company in Manitoba and can provide you with high advances, low costs and quick financing. Get an instant quote or call us toll-free at (877) 300 3258 to speak with an expert.

Select a product:

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

Provides an advance on your slow-paying invoices from creditworthy customers. Works in most industries including business services, manufacturing and consulting.



Ideal for transportation carriers and freight brokers. Our programs help you pay company expenses and position your transportation company for growth.

Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Asset based lending helps small and midsize companies in Manitoba that need to improve their cash flow by financing accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and other assets.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing

Specialized program for distributors, wholesalers and resellers. Helps your company fulfill large purchase orders by helping with supplier expenses.

Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing

This asset based funding program helps small and midsize wholesalers that want to improve their cash flow by financing inventory. Offered in combination with other programs.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies

Specialized finance solutions that help staffing companies that need funding to meet payroll and pay for other important expenses.

How do we finance invoices?

Invoice factoring is relatively easy to use and can work with most companies. Receivables are financed in two separate instalments. Transactions often follow this format:

  1. You deliver your product/service and send an invoice to the customer.
  2. You receive the first instalment – between 70% and 90% of the invoice.
  3. After 30 to 60 days, your client pays the invoice.
  4. You receive the second instalment – the remaining 10% to 30%, less the fee.


The most important benefit is that we can help improve your cash flow. Other program benefits include:

  • Fast payments
  • Flexible financing
  • Easy qualification
  • Quick setup

Qualification requirements

Each program has specific qualification requirements. Generally clients must:

  • Have solid, creditworthy commercial customers
  • Have good billing practices
  • Be free of legal and tax problems
  • Have no liens on their receivables

The most important requirement is having creditworthy customers. This requirement is critical to the success of the transaction because we use their creditworthiness to evaluate each transaction.

Thanks to this requirement, our programs are available to small companies whose most significant – or only – asset is good customers.

What is purchase order financing?

Purchase order (PO) financing provides you with working capital to pay suppliers for confirmed and non-cancelable purchase orders. PO financing enables you to process large orders with the confidence that your suppliers will be paid on time.

Note that this product is available only to companies that resell/wholesale third-party goods without any modification or installation services. Learn more about PO financing and its benefits.


As one of the leading factoring companies in Manitoba, we are well-positioned to help companies in the province’s growing industries. Industries that we can work with include:

Need more information?

Are you evaluating factoring companies? If so, read “How to Choose the Best Factoring Company.” For additional information, review our extensive resource centre.

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We can work with companies in all areas of the province, including Winnipeg, Brandon and Thompson.

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