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Typical Client

Commercial Capital LLC works with companies that sell products or services to other businesses. Our typical clients are small to mid-sized companies facing some or all of the following challenges.

1. Offering Net-30 terms creates problems

Small and midsize companies often encounter cash flow problems when they offer net-30 payment terms to their clients. This situation can result from growth, low cash reserves, or both.

2. Cash flow problems due to growth

Companies may also encounter cash flow problems when they grow too quickly. This situation seems counterintuitive at times. Ultimately, growing too quickly can exhaust your cash reserves. High growth and low cash reserves can quickly put your company in a financial tailspin.

3. Need funds to fulfill large purchase orders

Winning a large purchase order is great only if your company has the resources to fulfill it. Otherwise, fulfiling a large order can strain your cash flow. This will deplete your reserves and lead to financial problems. We offer solutions that help with supplier payments, enabling you to fulfill larger orders.

4. Turning around a troubled company

We can also help companies that are in financial trouble and in the process of being turned around. These situations are evaluated case-by-case, and the plan must have a reasonable chance of success. The type of solution you use depends on the specific challenges you face.

Our solutions

Commercial Capital offers the following solutions in Canada:

  1. Invoice factoring
  2. Purchase order financing
  3. Supplier financing
  4. Asset-based financing

Who do we work with?

Commercial Capital works specifically with small and midsize companies. We have helped finance over 900 businesses in many industries, including:

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