Financing a Directional Boring / Directional Drilling Company

Managing the cash flow of a directional boring/directional drilling company can be challenging. Like most companies in construction, they face a common cash flow dilemma. The company has to pay expenses quickly but must also wait up to 60 days to get paid by clients. This situation can leave directional boring companies with a cash […]

Why Can’t Construction Factoring Companies Factor Retainage Payments?

Most construction subcontractors are familiar with the concept of retainage. Basically, their general contractor (GC) withholds 5% to 10% (varies) of their payments until the project is completed. General contractors use this practice because withheld funds can be used to fix any issues with the work. Additionally, withheld funds are an incentive for the subcontractor […]

Financing Alternative for Construction Subcontractors

Most construction subcontractors experience financial problems at one time or another. The industry is known for working with tight cash flows. This situation can create serious challenges for business owners and affect their ability to run and grow their companies. In this article, we discuss alternatives to solve this problem once and for all. We […]