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Can Purchase Order Financing Help You Grow Your Business to the Next Level?

One of the biggest obstacles to growth for successful resellers and importers is the lack of working capital. Most small business owners start companies by investing their own money. In most cases, the initial contribution is sufficient to start the company and take in a few orders. But soon, the company starts growing. Since small companies seldom have the […]

Benefits of Purchase Order Financing

If you are a relatively new product reseller with a limited history and minimal track record, you often encounter vendors who are unwilling to offer you net payment terms. Suppliers often insist that you pay ahead of time or right before the goods are shipped. If your company has the money for that scenario, then you […]

How to Use Purchase Order Financing For Fast Business Growth

There is a feeling of exhilaration that every entrepreneur gets when their company lands a large client – the type of client that could lead to explosive growth. But soon, reality sets in. You start wondering if your company has the capabilities and the financial resources to execute on the order. If it doesn’t, this […]