How To Get Clients for Your Nurse Staffing Agency (6 Ways)

Finding the right clients is one of the biggest challenges of running a new temporary nursing staffing agency. Finding and retaining clients is challenging. The marketplace for temporary nursing services is very competitive. This article covers proven ways to help you find clients. It’s intended for new and growing nursing staffing agencies. 1. Who is […]

How to Find Clients for a Security Guard Agency (9 Ways)

One of the key skills you need to build a security guard company is knowing how to find clients. This market is highly competitive, and guard services are always in demand. You must know how to reach clients effectively to succeed in this industry. This article covers nine ways to find clients for your security […]

How to Prepare Your Business for a Recession (13 Ways)

The best way for your business to survive a recession is to be prepared ahead of time. Unfortunately, few companies ever prepare for a recession while things are going well. This is a mistake. Instead, most companies make changes after a recession has hit them. This delay limits their choices. This limitation forces companies to […]

Advantages and Disadvantages: Business Debt Consolidation

This article discusses the pros and cons of consolidating your business debt with a new loan. It will help you determine whether debt consolidation is the right solution for your company. To learn more about this solution, read “How Does Business Debt Consolidation Work?” Advantages Debt consolidation offers seven advantages to small business owners. A […]

Should your Company Refinance its Business Loans?

This article is written for business owners who are trying to figure out if debt refinancing is the right solution for them. The article covers: A simple way to determine if you need refinancing Pros and cons of refinancing Consolidation vs. refinancing Types of debt that can be refinanced How to get the loan Qualification […]

Find Reefer Loads (No Load Board Needed)

The best way to get reefer loads for fresh refrigerated meat and produce is to work directly with shippers. Working with shippers can provide you with regular loads, and it bypasses load boards and brokers. This strategy allows you to keep more money per load, which makes you more profitable. All it takes is a […]

Best Niche Industry for Owner-Operators

Selecting the right market niche is the most important decision you will make as an owner-operator. Pick the wrong market and your days as a business owner could be numbered. This article, written with the help of our friends at Learn to Truck, helps you select the right market. In turn, you will be able […]

Guaranteed Sales And Purchase Order Financing

It’s not uncommon for us to speak to a prospect who is very excited about a large purchase order they just received from a very reputable company. Furthermore, as we review the details of the order, we believe that the order will be a good candidate for purchase order financing because it meets these three […]

Calculate Your Cost Per Mile – Truckers & Owner-Operators

One of the most important things you can do before you start your trucking business is to estimate your “all-in” cost per mile. Knowing this cost, along with estimating how much you will make, enables you to estimate your expected profit. Profit is your most important number. Your profit is how much you keep, after […]

How Do PO Finance Companies Pay Suppliers?

Purchase order financing helps small companies with the supplier costs associated with a large order. It enables small business owners to fulfill large orders and book the revenue. This article discusses how purchase order finance companies pay your supplier expenses. We cover: Why is your supplier asking for a prepayment? Reliable supplier payment methods High-risk […]