Business Financing

How to Get Credit from Suppliers

Most established companies get payment terms from suppliers. This arrangement means they can buy goods or services while paying for them on net-30 terms. Clients usually demand terms from suppliers because it improves their cash flow. They get to use the supplier’s services or products for a few weeks before they have to pay for them. […]

How to Finance a Small Business

For small business owners, getting the right financing is often a challenge for a number of reasons. Small businesses seldom have the assets, track record, or management background to qualify for conventional financing. Financial institutions only finance large companies because they are safe investments. But without financing, few small companies can grow. We have created […]

How To Finance A Home Based Business

Many small companies usually start as home-based businesses. It is at this stage where the owner lays the foundation for their future business. It’s also the stage where owners face their biggest challenges. Aside from getting clients, one of the biggest challenges for business owners is finding the right type of financing. Unfortunately, home-based businesses have few […]

Working Capital Loans for Small Businesses

Most small businesses need some form of working capital loan or financing at one time or another. They use these loans to handle short-term financing needs, such as making payroll, paying vendors, or starting a new project. Basically, the funds are used to run the business and grow. Working capital financing options Many small businesses encounter problems […]

Is Invoice Factoring Better Than an ACH Loan?

In recent years, a type of Merchant Cash Advance known as an ACH Loan has been gaining popularity as a way to finance small businesses. Often, companies compare ACH Loans against other products, such as factoring and purchase order financing, to determine which offers the best solution to their problems. This article compares ACH Loans against invoice […]

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending for Small Businesses

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been gaining popularity as an alternate source of financing for individuals. However, peer-to-peer lending can also be used to finance small businesses and start-ups. This article outlines the basics of P2P lending – its advantages and disadvantages – and discusses better financing options. What is peer-to-peer lending? Peer-to-peer lending is a type of financing […]

How To Get Business Financing If You Have Bad Credit

Trying to get business financing can be very frustrating for business owners that have bad personal credit. Entrepreneurs face constant rejection by lending institutions that are weary of working with business owners that have bad credit. It can be a bleak situation. While getting business financing is very hard for entrepreneurs that have bad credit […]

Should You Offer Early Payment Discounts to Clients?

Selling to commercial clients can be a challenge for small businesses and start-ups. Most commercial and government clients have contract terms allowing them to pay invoices in 30 to 60 days. These terms can create cash flow problems for companies that can’t afford to wait for payment. These cash flow problems can also affect growing companies […]

Cash Flow Problems Due to Growth

Growth can actually bring serious problems to a business. Few entrepreneurs ever think about it because they think all growth is good. But growing sales too quickly, or getting a single very large order, can create serious cash flow problems. These problems can sometimes be serious enough to derail your business – permanently. We have […]

12 Cash Flow Problems and Solutions

Most small businesses encounter a cash flow problem at one time or another. Fortunately, most cash flow problems can be prevented with a bit of preparation and the right strategy. This article lists the 12 most common causes of cash flow problems, along with ways to solve them. 1. Not having a cash reserve Most […]